Madaliso (pronounced Mah-da-LEE-so) 

Born and raised in Rome, Italy but currently based in Brighton, UK Madaliso is a prolific Independent rapper, songwriter, producer, DJ and event manager who specializes in Hip-Hop. His music reflects on real life experiences. In terms of sound, he experiments with lo-fi jazz-tinged soulful instrumentation. He has had a passion for creative writing ever since a very young age. When he was 11 he started writing and recording music in order to express himself.  With the hopes that through the power of music more people would be able to connect and relate with him on an emotional level. He frequently attended studio sessions and collaborated with locals artists such as Zizi, Fama (Ai Town Records), Omar Broy, Kaniboy as well international artists such as Hi-Rez, Dustin Taylor and more. 

In 2010 he moved over to the UK to pursue a music career. Since then he’s managed to acquire a diploma in Music Technology and a BA Bachelors Degree in Music Business. Following the completion of his Music Business course he has been actively working towards making a name for himself locally. He’s been doing so by DJing at local venues, being a presenter of his own show on Platform B Radio, attending local Hip-Hop chypers, performing at live shows as well as hosting nights. His main focus has always been collaborating with local musicians, in addition to artists and producers that he’s connected with via social media. 

Career Highlights

  • Curating and Running 'EvenTide' Music event (2014- Present) 
  • Rapping to Virgil Abloh (Flat White) after his debut Boiler Room set in London (April 2015)
  • Opening for Chali2na (from Jurassic 5) & Krafty Kuts (May 2018)
  • Performing at the iconic Jazz Cafe In London (May 2018)
  • Performing at Love Supreme Festival in Lewes (June 2018)